#Pacific Ocean | Development

#Equinor | Morro Bay | 2-gigawatt (GW) offshore wind lease | Commercial-scale floating offshore wind development | Ocean Infinity conducting site investigation survey using multiple AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) at Equinor floating offshore wind lease area

#Coastal Conservation Association Of California

#Garmin | On Deck Smart Boat System

#System 03 | Harvesting plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch | Aiming to deliver the blueprint design for scaling toward a fleet of systems | The Ocean Cleanup

#Spot LNG Prices | Contract based price of spot LNG USD/MMBtu | Arrival based price is USD/MMBtu |》British Thermal Unit | Global LGN Hub

#LNG price spike causes energy crises in strapped Asian nations | Nikkei Asia

#Neste | Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAS) | Renewable diesel | Renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals | Developing chemical recycling to combat the plastic waste challenge | Accelerating shifting to circular economy | Creating solutions for migitating climate change

#Ambri | Batteries for clean energy | Liquid Metal Battery | Self heating and regulating | Calcium and antimony as material | Rapid deployment | Scalable | Internal operating temperature 500˚ C | Desert | Arctic | Antarctic | Third Pole | Shipped cells inactive at ambient temperature | Heaters bringing cells to operating temperature | No degradation, air conditioning, replaceable nor any serviceable components | MIT | GroupSadoway Lab | Boston Metal

#High seas treaty | International Union for Conservation of Nature | Biodiversity protection | International Seabed Authority | Marine environment threats pollution from coastal infrastructure and dumping | Marine protected areas

#Solomon Islands | Australian trade links with Japan, South Korea and the US | Undersea cables connecting US and Australian telecommunications system | USA congressional funding for projects in the Pacific | Climate resilience infrastructure | Combating illegal fishing | Investing in marine conservation | Pacific Islands Forum

#ROS | Robot Operating System | Open source software development kit for robotics applications | Standard software platform to robotic application developers | Research | Prototyping | Deployment | Production

#RayMarine | Marine Electronics

#Rosetti Superyachts | Emocean | Fully custom superyacht | Custom designed wine cellar | Italian shipyard | Speaking with subcontractors | Rosetti Marino Group | Hydro Tec | Priorities included spending long periods on board regardless of sea conditions | Pushing the use of space to the limit | 793 gallons of refrigerator and freezer space for long term provisions | Virtuous circle where all parties felt free to throw on the table new ideas and concepts to incorporate in the design | Selecting the best contractor for each element | Exploration oriented projects

#Radioactive Water Dumping | Research

#Tritium Leakage | Research

#Great Pacific Garbage Patch | Research

#Marine Pollution | Research

#Fertilizers | Research

#Chemicals | Research

#Hypoxua | Research

#Dead Zone | Research

#Marine Depris | Research

#El Nino Southern Oscillation | Research

#Monsoon | Research

#Wet Season | Research

#Tropical Cyclone | Research

#Pacific Hurricanes | Research

#Typhoons | Research

#Jet Stream | Research

#Extra Tropical Cyclones | Research

#Grest Depths | Research

#Agreement On Ending Plastic Pollution | Research

#Full Life Cycle Of Plastic | Research

#Widening Scope Beyond Tackling Waste | Research

#Ocean Fungus Digesting Plastic | Research

#Bio Products Developmeng To Break Plastics | Research

#Compliance Rules For Fishing | Research

#UN Resolution On Ending Plastic Waste | Research

#New Circular Economies Establishment | Research

#Better Waste Monitoring | Research

#Sustainable Production | Research

#Data Cosmos | MultiSatellite Data Platform | Open Cosmos

#MIT | Earth System Model

#Azure Funding | Boat Loans

#AST Space Mobile | AST n Science | Building space based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones | 4G/5G connectivity everywhere on the planet | Automatic roaming from land networks to a space network | Connectivity anywhere without having to invest in expensive, specialized hardware

#Commonwealth | Pacific | Australia | Fiji | Kiribati | Nauru | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea | Samoa | Solomon Islands | Tonga | Tuvalu | Vanuatu

#Heesen | Acquire yachts that are already under construction | Platform concept | Proven engineering platform | Tested hulls | Semi custom series | Unique exterior design | Ability to personalise the yacht | Reducing both delivery time and costs | Producing in lines | Exclusivity is guaranteed | Production numbers of each platform are limited | Ability to build completely different yachts using an identical platform

#Doyle Sails | Sail solutions | Cruising | Main sales | Head sales | Code sales | Downwind sales

#Monte Fino E Class Explorer | Global demand for expedition style cruising in an eco-friendly way | Kha Shing | Taiwan | Developed using fluid dynamics | Eco efficient cruising across long distances | Octoplex tablet for monitoring and operating systems

#ICEYE | Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#Aqualink | Ocean conservation technology | Autonomous Surface Vehicle(ASV) kit | ROS | Pixhawk | NVIDA Jetson GPU | Solar powered smart buoy

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board

#Equinor | Floating offshore wind

#Seakit International | MaxLimer | Uncrewed surface vessel | Echo sounders to determine the shape of the volcano | Developing and supporting understanding of the eruption undersea impact

#Seabed2030 | Research mapping the global ocean floor

#New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) | Nippon Foundation | Seabed2030

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing

#SpaceX | Satellite to cellular service

#Elroy Air | Autonomous cargo aircraft systems| Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) cargo aircraft | Specially designed aerodynamic modular cargo pods | Commercial logistics | Disaster relief | Firefighting | Humanitarian operations | Replacing difficult ground transportation | Detachable pod | Dropping off cargo | Pickkung up ready to go cargo | Makint deliveries fast | Allowing ground crew to empty or load a pod at their leisure

#UPM | UPM Raflatac Ocean Action | Ocean Action label | Made from ocean bound plastic | Creating a demand for reclaiming plastic waste before it pollutes oceans | Chemically recycled plastic | Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) | Ellen MacArthur Foundation | Granta Design | Orthex | Raw material made from used fishing nets

#Stora Enso | Renewable and recyclable paperboard solutions | Wood fibers in disposable cutlery | Pulp for food packaging | Formed fiber products

#Ocean Cleanup | Maritime affairs and investment in Indonesia | Aiding river plastic waste solutions and waste management | Interceptors | Aiming to deliver cleaner and plastic-free rivers for Indonesia | Trying to close the tap on ocean plastic pollution

#Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology | | Autonomous lander | Dropped into the Izu Ogasawara Trench, south of Japan | Pseudoliparis filmed swimming at 8,336m (27,349ft)

#Inkfish | Deep sea exploration

#G7 | Building network of undersea communication cables to serve developing and emerging countries

#Pacific Islands Forum | Japan to discharge more than a million cubic meters of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site into the Pacific Ocean

#Hyundai Glovis | Collaborating with Ocean Cleanup | Data gathering to cameras placed on Hyundai Glovis vessels | Logistical support to help transport and deployment of cleaning solutions around the world

#Coralmaker | Autodesk | Training an artificial intelligence to control collaborative robots (cobots) | Coral propagation | Robotic arm to graft or glue coral fragments to the seed plugs | Using vision systems to make decisions about how to grab it | Robots to recognise coral fragments and figure out how to handle them | Biodiversity credits

#Open Ocean Robotics | Autonomous robotic data collection platform and cloud-based software system to provide real-time data acquisition with AI driven analytics | Solar powered uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) | Cloud-based data management and USV control system

#eD-TEC | Electric-propulsion system

#Blue Innovations Group | E-Boat technology | Electric boat | Electric-powered boat | Solar power to recharge batteries

#Chris-Craft | Electric boat

#Four Winns | Electric boat

#Zen Yachts | Catamaran with wingsail and solar power

#Advanced Navigation | Inertial measurement unit (IMU) | Heading reference system (AHRS) | Acoustic navigation | AI-based acoustic processing techniques | Subsea transponder | Sidney, Australia

#Magrathea Metals | Extracting magnesium from ocean water and from waste brine generated by industry | Magnesium: lighter and stronger than steel, critical to aircraft, automobile, steel, and defense industries | Strategic issue | Waste brines, often from desalination plants bought | Waste water from coal-fired power plants, pumped out of oil and gas wells, from hard-rock mining; and desalination plants | 18,000 desalination plants, globally | 23 trillion gallons of ocean water a year | 37 billion gallons of brine daily | Desalination waste back into the ocean settles to sea floor and damage marine ecosystems